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Posted June, 1st 2009

Terms and conditions site does not sell cigars or any tobacco related products to anyone under the age of 18 (or the minimum age in your local
jurisdiction, whichever is higher). We do not sell cigarettes. We operate our site in compliance with the children's online privacy protection act. And will
not knowingly collect or use any personal information from anyone under the legal age limit. Thank You

Shipping Ships only to the lower 48 states of United Sates of America (USA). We DO NOT ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada
or Worldwide,
in addition we DO NOT ship to P.O.Boxes (physical mailing address is required)

Maximum Order Value
Your maximum order value is limited to $2000.00 only, once your order exceeds $2000.00 you are required to contact our sales department for order
verification and to ensure that transaction is legitimate. We might require to fax us a signed letter that you authorize to Charge
my account the agreed amount together with a copy of both sides to your credit card that includes signature. Our fax number is

Illinois Sales Tax Charges tax to all Illinois residents 'Tobacco Related Products' 36% (OTP) other tobacco products plus 7.75% sales tax. Both
taxes must be paid in full.

Gift Certificates
All gift certificates are (ELECTRONIC VERSION ONLY). Purchased only from our site without Taxes or shipping fees, to purchase, you must fill up a
recipients name, email address and a message (Optional). The certificate code will be generated by an email within 24 hours from the time of
purchase. Its valid for redemption immediately it will be treated as a credit card for purchases only 'NOT A REFUND'. (please keep your gift certificate
code in a safe place). Once you've made a purchase and ready for check out the gift certificate number normally starts with
(@) sign, should be entered
in the designated area, if you have more than one certificate and you wish to use them all, you can enter all of the codes separated by commas. If you
have enough funds to cover the total order value you will be proceeded to the next step however if the funds are not enough to cover the total order's
value you be required to enter any additional payment option to complete transaction and fulfill the remaining balance.  
Gift Certificates are Valid
within 90 days of the original purchase date.

Gift Certificate Guidelines
Timing of delivery: Gift Certificate Code will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase in some cases it could exceed to 2 or 3 days if there is
a system maintenance.
Additional Fees or Charges: Redemption of gift certificate does not cost you anything.
Restrictions on Redemption: All Minors under the legal age limit cannot use our gift certificate. And there is no cash value to any gift certificate. We
cannot accept gift certificate in store since it's designed for online redemption only.  
Gift Certificates are Valid within 90 days of the original purchase

Payment Option Honors most major credit cards, All payments must be paid with credit cards only, no additional payment method will be

Credit Cards Charge back
With the growing number of online fraud, we are forced to enforce a strict policy: Any transaction made with your credit card is your own
responsibility and no one else to be held responsible, All cancelled, reversed and/or disputed transactions will be rejected unless both & Buyer agrees on credit card charge back, cancellations, reversions, and/or dispute of any charges made by the buyer
without prior notice will force us to contact your banking institution or any legal authorities that might resolve such issues, and since unsettled
transactions considered as felony in all states, the total amount will be paid in full plus whatever damages might occur to such dispute.

Shipping Method will use only Ground shipping method, Unless specified by both buyer and seller in one condition, that the buyer
agrees to pay all additional shipping fees, shipping using UPS Ground Usually takes 1-5 Business Days, depending on the residing state (for more
information please check to transit map from IL, USA.

Shipping Locations Ships only to the United Sates of America (USA) the lower 48 states. We DO NOT ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico
Canada or Worldwide
, in addition we DO NOT ship to P.O.Boxes, a physical mailing address required, and in some cases a valid driver licence or
identification card might be necessary.

Shipping Cost
Shipping cost is determined by UPS Shipping System. For more information please visit

Delivery and Returns deliveries usually ship within 7 business days from the time that the order is placed.  Exceptions occur when inventory is
out of stock, whether noted on the site or otherwise.  Upon order shipment, packages may take up 10 business for arrival.  Returns will only be
accepted on undamaged goods if we are notified with one week of delivery.

Refused or Undeliverable Order normally ships your order to the same address stated on your order form that you, the buyer, fill out, however if your
shipment is refused by
UPS in Illinois or  your state for any reason, or it's undeliverable due to any circumstances we are not be held liable for any
refused or undeliverable order due to mistakes in the information provided. The buyer is responsible for all charges incurred for the attempt to
rectify shipping to a corrected or amended address.  

Tracking Process will send you a tracking number for your order via the email only. Please provide us your email address when checking out.

Credit Card Verification Process & Selling Tobacco to Minors.
As part of our age verification process, we will verify that credit card transaction is legitimate and authentic, usually additional credit card
information is required such as ZIP code, Address Verification, Phone Number Associated with Credit Card, .,etc. Any fraudulent transaction will
be detected by our system and therefore will be rejected, its your obligation to prevent minors from using your credit card. However Selling or
assisting minors under the age limit in your jurisdiction or state to purchase tobacco or tobacco related products is a federal offence. And will
result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, terms, conditions, restrictions and prohibitions regarding Tobacco
Products Shipments are clear and effective, and that customer shall be solely responsible to comply with the our terms, conditions, restrictions
and prohibitions in effect at the time of shipping. And follow your jurisdiction and state law, to learn more please visit

Back ordered Items
The buyer understands that some items are back ordered and orders might take more than the usual delivery time stated above. We cannot be
held liable for any back order delays.  The buyer will be notified within 24 hours from the date we receive the order about the back ordered status
of their item, along with expected shipping date.  

Missing Items
After reasonable time, and normally more that 12 business days, if your order shipped or even part of it fails to arrive to the designated drop-off
location, please send us an
email to our Sales Department. We will launch an immediate investigation, to help resolve the problem as quickly as
possible. Please note that many orders will arrive as multiple shipments in some cases and some items may have longer delivery times, than the

Wrong Items
We take great measures to assure that the products you are shipped are the exact items that you ordered.  But as much as we dislike it when
this happens - mistakes or oversights are inevitable.  Please notify us, either by phone or email, within one of week of having received the wrong
items and we will take measures to rectify our mistake in order to guarantee your complete satisfaction.  

Returns and Refunds guarantees every product we sell, when customer is unsatisfied we are here to handle your request. Should you have any
complaints about your products please contact us at 630.834.7777 and we will attempt to correct any mistake or mishap.  Understand that each
situation is unique but measures will be taken to assure your complete satisfaction.  Returns will only be accepted on undamaged goods if we
are notified with one week of delivery.

Order Cancellations will honor order cancellations.  Notification of cancellation either through email or phone is required.  If cancellation is prior
to shipping then charges will be refunded and the order cancelled.  The refund of money can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days.  If
cancellation is after the order has been fulfilled, the buyer assumes the responsibility of shipping back the items.  Once we have received the
items and they are in the exact condition in which they were shipped, we will refund the transaction - minus shipping costs - and cancel the

Flagged Orders cannot process orders that have been flagged for any reason.  

You will be notified by email that your order has been flagged and therefore, cannot be processed.  We are more than happy to hold the items
ordered for a brief period of time while the issues are resolved.  The order will then be cancelled and the buyer instructed to replace the original
order. Once we receive the updated order that has cleared all flags, we will process and then ship the requested items. No items will ship until all
flags are cleared.  

Agreeing to Terms
Your use of this site indicates acceptance of our Policy. Thank You

Updated May 2014
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